The recently established IEEE Bulgaria Section LMAG conducted its first face-to-face meeting in Sofia on 1 June 2023. In addition to this meeting, the members of LMAG took part in the round table on “Increasing the Interest of High School Students to Scientific and Engineering Professions.”


Bulgaria Section LMAG was a co-organizer of this round table as an event within the “Electronics 2023” conference held in Sofia from 1 to 3 June 2023. Together with the conference participants, high school students and teachers, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Professional Unions, and businesses participated in the discussions.

Bulgaria Section LMAG plans to continue this activity and organize a series of round tables on the same topic at other national scientific conferences.

The next round table will be held during the CompSysTech 23 conference, which will take place in Rouse from 15 to 17 June 2023.
In most East European countries, for the past 30+ years, IEEE Bulgaria Section LMAG observed a change in the preferences of young people – from scientific and engineering university programs to programs in law, finance, economics, political sciences, etc.

It is mainly caused by the societal transition from an economy of production to an economy of services.

We realize this process went too far and lacks well-qualified engineers and researchers.

Similar processes have been observed in developed countries for years, as well. In most cases, the “easy” solution has been importing scientists and engineers from abroad, which gives rise to the “brain drain” phenomenon.

However, plenty of “soft” measures can be undertaken to balance the situation. The science and engineering professions have unique advantages and could be made attractive to young people. To help with this, we should explain the specifics and show the youth the challenges, the benefits, and the full beauty of these professions.