The IEEE Life Member Committee (LMC) launches every year the LMC Award Program to recognize one Life Member (LM) and one Life Member Affinity Group (LMAG) from each Region.

The activity level of the R8 LM community is well demonstrated by the high participation in the award program since one-third of the global nominations were submitted by R8 LMs this year.

Twelve regional awardees from six Regions were selected, including two from R8.


Region 8 Individual LM Service Award Winner is Wim van Etten, Life Senior, Benelux Section LMAG, Chair 2022.

Citation: Recognizing Wim van Etten’s leadership in establishing and driving the IEEE Benelux Life Member Affinity Group, culminating in three IEEE Milestones commemorating important historical developments in the Benelux.

Region 8 LMAG Achievement Award Winner is UK & Ireland Section LMAG, Charles W. Turner, Life Fellow, Chair 2022.

Citation: To motivate Life Members and Students in IEEE activities by planning and delivering a comprehensive series of Milestone events and symposia.