The College of Engineering and Information Technology at Al Ain University of Science and Technology in conjunction with IEEE UAE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), Instrumentation & Measurement Society (IM-S) Joint Chapter, and IEEE Al Ain University Student Branch, organized an IEEE Administrative Meeting and a Technical Seminar about Video, Games, Video Games and Modern Video Systems at Abu Dhabi Campus – Mohammed Bin Zayed City.

The two events, opened by Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat – Dean of College of Engineering and Information Technology, IEEE UAE MTT-S & IM-S Joint Chapter chair and IEEE Al Ain University Student Branch Counselor, were delivered by Prof. Shervin Shirmohammadi – University of Ottawa, Canada.

In the administrative meeting, Prof. Shirmohammadi presented the society of Instrumentation & Measurement (IM) and what IM offers to Chapters and members, and concluded with a list of IMS Chapter Best Practices.

Later, in the technical seminar , Prof. Shirmohammadi presented an overview of the state of the Modern Video Systems. He showed specific examples of the research challenges, and presented solutions covering a wide range of systems, including HD Video Conferencing, 3D/Multiview video, video-on-demand, cloud gaming, mobile gaming, and mobile video.

At the end, Al Ain University has honored Prof. Shirmohammadi for this seminar  and Dr. Khaddaj Mallat confirmed that AAU is continuously organizing such scientific international meetings for the benefits of the IEEE UAE members and the community.