The R8 Humanitarian Technologies Hackathon 2023 is an exciting and innovative tech event focused on addressing the pressing needs of climate action. Organized by R8 HuAC, this virtual hackathon brings together participants from across the region to propose groundbreaking solutions that target specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While the event is entirely virtual, teams are encouraged to host activities at physical locations to foster collaboration and creativity.

The primary objective of the hackathon is to recognize and award outstanding tech proposals that have the potential to solve humanitarian challenges. In cases where the winning team does not have a SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) group, the R8 HuAC team will provide mentorship and support to help them establish one. For well-established SIGHT groups, R8 HuAC will guide them in submitting project proposals to relevant opportunities, such as HTB (Humanitarian Technology Board) or SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) calls for proposals.

This year’s hackathon theme is “Climate Action,” as we believe it is crucial to address the challenges of climate change.

R8 HuAC invites participating teams to propose solutions in the following areas: Food Security, Green Energy, and Oceans. The Hackathon Day is scheduled for October 14th, 2023.

Participation Requirements:

  • R8 HuAC welcomes participants with amazing ideas that can effectively solve humanitarian challenges related to climate action in food security, green energy, or oceans.
  • The hackathon is open to all students, regardless of their major, from R8 countries. Your university does not need to have a SIGHT group for you to participate.
  • Each team should consist of 2-4 members, including a mix of students and professionals (up to 2 professionals).
  • To participate, your team must be affiliated with a SIGHT Group, Section, or Student Branch.
  • While each team can submit solutions to all different categories, only the best solution will be evaluated.

Registration for participation will open from mid-August until mid-September 2023. Selected members will receive comprehensive training on hackathon expectations before the event. To enhance your understanding of climate action, we have organized a series of webinars focused on this critical topic.

R8 HuAC has exciting prizes awaiting the top 3 teams, motivating participants to strive for excellence and develop competitive solutions. R8 HuAC aims to ensure representation from all SIGHT groups in the hackathon, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

For more information and to stay updated, please visit this website .

R8 HuAC looks forward to your participation in the R8 Humanitarian Technologies Hackathon 2023 as we work together to make a positive impact on climate action and address pressing global challenges.