IEEE WSA section

IEEE WSA is the IEEE section in the Western Saudi Arabia geographic region. It is responsible for all the student branches within this region.

IEEE WSA in 2018 R8 SYP Congress

IEEE WSA section has participated in Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress in Portugal. Engineering student Marwan Alsahafi has represented the Western Saudi Arabia Section in the SYP R8 congress.

Marwan Alsahafi is a recent Electrical Engineering graduate from King Abdulaziz University. He has graduated in July 2018. Marwan serves as the Vice-Chair of the IEEE KAU SB.
He has represented the IEEE WSA section in the most significant student event in Region 8! The 2018 Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress, is held in Porto, Portugal this year.

The IEEE R8 Student and Young Professional Congress is the largest student event in all Region 8. It occurs every two years and gathers both students and young professionals members from all Sections in this Region. SYP’s main goal is to enhance and foster the engineering sense and capabilities through different activities both technically and culturally. It also provides an opportunity to network.

Poster Session

It is a perfect opportunity for chapters around the world to show the activities and projects that the Student Branch or Young Professionals Affinity Group has prepared in the past year.

Marwan has  participated in the poster session with the following poster to showcase the exciting student events and activities organized by the KAU student branch in 2017.

Marwan Alsahafi's Poster
Marwan Alsahafi’s Poster

Meeting IEEE President and CEO

Marwan has met IEEE President and CEO Mr. James Jefferies who has given Marwan the IEEE Presidential Leadership Coin. The IEEE President’s Coin is given to individuals in recognition of their dedication to IEEE. The front of the coin features the vision of  “Inspire a Global Community” along with the mission of IEEE. The back highlights three areas which are “Engage – Inspire – Celebrate”.


Marwan is with the IEEE President and CEO Mr. James Jefferies
Marwan is with the IEEE President and CEO Mr. James Jefferies


IEEE Presidential Leadership Coin
IEEE Presidential Leadership Coin