The main project of LMAG Lebanon is SouqeTaqa, a renewable energy platform.  The original concept, envisioned in the summer of 2019, aimed at creating an awareness campaign targeting educational pre-university students, public outreach, and STEM-related activities.

Currently, LMAG Lebanon’s main effort involves creating an information online campaign to educate the public on the technical aspects of solar energy systems.

Recently, LMAG Lebanon started a “Do you know” information series that presents important technical information on solar energy systems in a simplified and correct manner. Hoping to reach the technically inclined and the non-technical at the same time.

LMAG Lebanon accompanies the information with appealing artistic graphics and short videos; the project is active on several online platforms.

Their main audience is in Lebanon, although the concept could reach a wider audience in other countries.

The number of active followers and the quality of queries and messages received indicates success for their latest approach.

Any future expansion of our campaign will require the availability of sponsors and grantors.

For those interested, Find out SouqeTaqa’s Facebook page