As we know, the IEEE DAY is  an annual action celebrating the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884.

For this year, celebrations are planned  from the 1st till the 14th of October 2018. So, how we celebrated IEEE DAY 2018 in Tunisia section?


“The celebration was this year on October 6th & 7th at the international scout center of Borj Cedria in collaboration with IEEE INAT Student Branch. It was a great opportunity for both units’ members to meet up. We Shared experiences and knowledges. We also answered questions concerning  the mission of IEEE. Such  team building activities  strengthen the relations .” Mohamed Aziz Naimi  IEEE ENSI SB chairman



“On the 10th of October, IEEE ENIT Student Branch organized its 7th edition of IEEE Day. By celebrating this event, our guests and attendees got an insight into IEEE Day and the purpose of the celebration. The celebration included different activities that ranged form technical conferences to humanitarian actions. Our celebration started by introducing IEEE, our Student Branch and the existing chapters. Then, we had our keynote speakers, success stories, a glance at the humanitarian project TAWASOL and workshops. A charity booth held by ENIT WIE Affinity Group also raised awareness about breast cancer. By the end, we enjoyed talented students’ performances in dance, music and slam. Our Student Branch is making sure to transmit the best image of IEEE to the youth by spreading one of its fundamental goals which is: advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. We aimed to leveraging technology for a better tomorrow.” Rihab Ayechi, chairwoman of IEEE ENIT Student Branch.








“IEEE ENIS SB celebrated IEEE DAY in various ways. In the first celebration,They spent a day together visiting new places in our beautiful country “Tunisia”. They shared foods and had some activities.  In second celebration, they spent a whole day with children.

“To every child – I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy.” Malala Yousafzai On October the 7th, IEEE ENIS student branch went for a visit to SOS children’s village in Mahres, where we met children from different ages and backgrounds and spent the whole day together. We started the day with fun activities from drawing to singing and dancing together. We even played soccer and read together. We discussed with them their problems, dreams and wishes. Our members were mesmerized by the talent of these kids. The children were full of energy, joy and love . They taught us how to keep up the big smile no matter what. We brought them a cake, yet they were the sugar of the day. We brought them some gifts, yet they were the real gift! Thank you SOS Mahres forreminding us what real life is about.” Yasmine Chelli Secretary at IEEE ENIS student branch



These four IEEE units celebrated the IEEE DAY together.They visited a very known place which is “Amphitheatre of El Jem”.The amphitheatre was built around 238 AD in Thysdrus, located in the Roman province of Africa Proconsulare in present-day El Djem, Tunisia. It is one of the best preserved Roman stone ruins in the world, and is unique in Africa. It was a great opportunity for each unit to meet new friends, to have fun and discover a new place. 



“The IEEE ENET’COM SB organized a humanitarian action in order to celebrate the IEEE DAY.

We released a donation collect campaign. The donation collect was tending to provide funds that will offer support and leisure means for children facing cancer in “Hadi Chaker hospital” in Sfax city. We also visited the children to cheer them up and offer a nice time containing presents giving, games, animation and for sure pleasant treats.” Adel Abdelmalek chairman of IEEE ENET’COM Student Branch 




“October 2nd is the first day of the IEEE DAY’18 celebration, when we started with a stand in our university (IPSAS) presented by the IEEE POLYTECH-Sfax SB members for freshmen to encourage them and help them to integrate in our SB by showing them the benefits of IEEE.
For students, the most awaited date, is the starting date of the academic year  to express the spirit of promotion. We organized integration weekends to  bring together former students and newcomers on the benches of Universities.

We also  organized an integration night at PLAZA SFAX HOTEL on October 13, 2018,  to celebrate IEEE DAY’18 with all the IPSAS students from different nationalities and all the members of IEEE POLYTECH-Sfax Student Branch. It was really an excellent occasion to be part and parcel of our SB , its accents and its activities, we enjoyed sharing our cultures, our lifestyles and our beliefs. we took a lot of  pictures together and it was one of the best memories of our family.”  AMINE ELLOUMI chairman of IEEE POLYTECH-Sfax SB


Special thanks for everyone contacted me to be a part of this article. Happy IEEE DAY!