A successfully held meeting by the IEEE Malta Section

IEEE Region 8 OpCom
IEEE Region 8 OpCom | Image by iCreatemotionPhotography

The IEEE Region 8 Committee Meeting is being held twice a year within Region 8, hosted by an IEEE Region 8 Section. This is one of the most demanding meetings being held, in terms of preparation and schedule, but also one of the most productive. During this meeting, the Region’s Operation Committee, Sub-Committees Chairs and representatives, but also the Chairs or Representatives from the Sections, are getting together in order to discuss and organize the Region’s next steps. Furthermore to also discuss problems that might have occured and find solutions.

The 112th Region 8 Meeting was held in Valletta – Malta on 16-17 of March 2019, hosted by the IEEE Malta Section, and it was the first being held under the new Operational Committee, as formed during the 111th Region 8 Meeting. And for those who are fans of the Game of Thrones series, Malta was a filming location in Season 1.

Conrad Attard
Conrad Attard, IEEE Malta Section Chair | Image by iCreatemotionPhotography

One day prior to the official meeting dates, it is dedicated to the SubCommittees, in order to have their face to face meetings with their members, and plan and discuss their future activities. During this meeting, that happened on Friday 15 of March, where multiple meetings were happening at the same time, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and energy.  

The Malta Section showed its warm hospitality, through its Section Chair Conrad Attard, and its great volunteers, who were always there to help you and guide you. Starting on Friday 15 of March, Conrad Attard – Malta Section Chair, welcomed all participants, by showing a video reel of the Section’s activities. In addition to that, a nice game surprise was waiting all participants, in order to better meet with each other. Malta is known well for its Art and Knights history, and this couldn’t be missing from the welcoming ceremony. Prof. Keith Sciberras gave a great speech under the theme “Valletta in Black & White, Knights & Artists”.

Prof. Keith Sciberras
Prof. Keith Sciberras | Image by iCreatemotionPhotography

Saturday 16 of March was a fully-scheduled day for everyone, as it was a big day with presentations and networking. During this day, all committees presented their new team-members, but also their reports of what was already done and the upcoming plans. It was very interesting to see how active is IEEE Region 8 within different sectors, and the work being done by volunteers. The day-schedule included two poster sessions, with the committees and Sections presenting their work, giving in that way the opportunity in every participant to discuss and learn more for those activities. IEEE Region 8 Today, has also a poster, where everyone could come and learn more about this news portal. Closing the day, a nice boat ride was waiting everyone to join and see Valletta from an other side, sailing around and listening the history of this country and the role Valletta had.

Sunday 17 of March was the last day of the meeting, were the debate of the two IEEE President-elect candidates held. Dejan Milojicic and Susan K. Land presented their plan and thoughts, but also answered to questions.

Until the upcoming 113th Region 8 Committee meeting in the city of Valencia in Spain, good luck to everyone in their IEEE Region 8 work.