A Workshop by Prof. Hafidh S. AlSamarrai at the Big 5 Saudi


The Big 5 Saudi is one of the most important construction events in the Middle East. It gathers construction expertise into one place for four days of research, discovery and real business.

The workshop

On March 10, The Big 5 Saudi has hosted the first workshop session in partnership with IEEE and the Saudi Council of Engineers. Focusing on “Creativity in the work environment”, the workshop presented by Prof. Hafidh AlSamarrai, President of the Global Business Development and Growth Inc. and Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Chapter in Saudi Arabia.

Participants of the workshop have learnt how to hone their innovation and creativity, and create strategies for the development of personal and institutional creativity.

Part of a broad education agenda dedicated to Educating and empowering construction professionals to achieve Saudi Vision 2030”, the workshop took place on March 10 at 19:30-21:30 hrs at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Events.

About Hafidh AlSamarrai

B.Sc, M.Eng.,Ph.D. C. Eng., F.B.C.S, SM.I.E.E.E, M.I.T.E, M.I.O.A, Certified Lead Quality Auditor, CMC

Highly qualified professional with a longstanding diversified experience in training, capacity building, engineering, management, consultancy, academic and business development with a proven record of successful achievements in initiating, planning, implementing, controlling and following up of companies and giant projects. Hafidh AlSamarrai spent two years in industry, five years in the Academia, fifteen years in the private sector and fifteen years in an international development finance institution. He is the President and CEO of the Canadian Based Company Global Business Development and Growth Inc., which specializes in training, capacity building, research and consultancy and offering its services mainly in the Middle East.

AT the workshop

During the workshop, Prof. Alsamarrai has focused on the fact that creativity is essential for organizations to make progress and, in turn, create value for stakeholders inside and outside the organization. It has also been known that creativity shall be a major player for people, organizations, industry, etc. to maintain their competitive advantages in the work place.

There are several definitions for creativity that have been mentioned during the workshop and selected the definition that serve the purpose to develop a road map for people and industries to create value and compete in the market.

It is true that invention of outstanding products and services are examples of creativity but it may also be the development of new processes, new ways of communicating with customers, or new ways of attracting and retaining the best talent. Creativity as a core competence can help a company create products, services, processes, or ideas that are better or new. These are very important for all sectors, organizations, industries and the construction industry in particular.

During the workshop, he has defined four major types of creativity on our map, which characterized as profiles: Imagine, Invest. Improve, and Incubate. Each profile is best suited to certain kinds of business purposes, and each has its own distinctive practices. Furthermore, the four profiles can help to understand the creative preferences of organizations, departments, work groups, and individuals and even countries. The creativity map has been used as an exercise and to explore the best way to use it in helping to boost the Kingdom’s economy.

Participants have been learnt what are their personal current creativity profiles and if they match the creativity profile or work place and how this impact the carrier. They understood where they need to go, and navigate toward their purposes. To achieve specific purposes, they have to use the right practices, and to accomplish the right practices, and to need the right people.