IEEE Kenya was proud to host the IEEE Standards Association. The forum comprised of students, young professionals and industry experts. They had gathered to learn and share more about the IEEE Standards Association. It was a lovely evening as the attendees gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.


Registration and distribution of IEEE goodies
Registration and distribution of IEEE goodies
Registration Hour
Registration Hour


Sri Chandrasekaran – Senior Director Standards and Technology  graced the IEEE Standards  Association during the IEEE Kenya Reception. Standards are critical building blocks that enable the use of existing building blocks as a basis to innovate on and to enable competition between different products. Further, they can provide interoperability which opens many possibilities on the type of technologies that can be made . Mr. Chandrasekaran introduced the members present to the IEEE standards on two hot topics. These included the Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

Presentation session by Sri and Moira Patterson.

Moira Patterson – Global Affairs Program Director for the IEEE Standards Association (IEEESA). She is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of its global strategy in different regions. She manages strategic initiatives and responses to policy developments in Europe. She drives IEEE-SA’s engagements in the Middle East and Africa. We are proud as the IEEE Kenya Section to have hosted this and to have been graced by the presence of the two esteemed speakers. 


The Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC) initiatives are generally undertaken to drive a Standard’s implementation to higher levels of conformity within an industry. They are usually focused on aspects of a more complex standard or standards that may not have been as fully implemented as originally intended. 

The Organizing Team

Certification process is an emerging need of the industry to ensure standards are fully deployed/employed within industry. Many thanks to the organizing committee for putting this insightful event together. 


As additional technologies develop, there is a better understanding of the existing technologies. We expect different sectors to keep the IEEE standards and programs up-to- date for industry. This is a challenge to us as Kenyans and members of Sub-Saharan Africa, and developing nation. We need to work towards this, by developing standard innovations that help solve the difficulties in our daily lives.

Final group photo