Become a thought leader by helping shape the minds of the future of engineering without having to travel

The Student Activities Committee is proud to announce the launching of the new Virtual Speakers Program!  IEEE Student Members make up ¼ of the IEEE Membership, about 100,000 worldwide, and they are eager for the chance to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience speakers have to share about the professional or academic world.  Take the opportunity to become a thought leader by helping shape the minds of the future of engineering without having to travel!

The Virtual Speakers Program, overseen by the IEEE MGA Student Activities Committee, is a great opportunity to share a very rewarding experience and aligns with IEEE’s mission to nurture the profession. Many speakers were part of IEEE during their own years at university. They can impart wisdom, information and guidance to our next generation of engineers and IEEE leaders. It is also a nice way to set themselves apart as a mentor and subject matter expert.

Virtual Speakers agree to give live virtual talks or presentations via digital platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, or Google Meets, generally around 30 minutes in length with another 30-minute question and answer period directly following.  These talks can be technical or professional in nature, can range a broad array of topics, and can be delivered to students anywhere in the world.  Volunteers are encouraged to give talks on as many different subjects as they have expertise, in whichever languages they are comfortable communicating.

The success of the new Virtual Speakers program depends on professionals like you.  Join our growing list of IEEE Members and non-members who are volunteering a small amount of their time to make a big difference in the future careers, personal development and lives of our Student Members. Virtual Speakers have the opportunity to interact directly with members of individual Student Branches, one Branch at one School per talk.

In order to participate as a Virtual Speaker, go to and click on the green button “Form to Become a Virtual Speaker” fill out the form, and click “Submit”  It’s that simple!

Students, to request Virtual Speakers, go to to explore Speakers and Topics, then click on the “Form to Request a Virtual Speaker” button, fill in the form and submit.  You will be contacted by the Virtual Speakers Bureau Committee to begin arrangements.

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