Continuing of the Women Speakers Series was initiated by RIT Dubai – Rochester Institute of Technology, the third session was hold on Tuesday 26th February 2019 under the theme of Leadership in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The first session can be accessed through: Disruptive Technologies: Women Speakers Series 1 and the second session through: Innovation and Entrepreneurship : Women Speakers Series 2 .

The monthly speaker series offer chance to form communities that fuel innovation, facilitate data sharing and supply support through extremely interactive sessions designed to foster discussion and collaboration.

This series have been initiated by Dr. Boutheina Tlili – Profesor of EE at RIT Dubai and Honorary WIE Chair – UAE Section.

In this session, different Women Leaders were invited and they presented their experiences to the audience in different fields. It has been moderated by Dr. Sameera Al Mulla.

Dr. Sameera Almulla earned her B. Sc. degree in 2006, from University of Sharjah as a Computer Engineer. In 2009, Dr. Almulla earned her M. Sc. degree in Digital forensics from Khalifa University of Science and Technology with distinction. In 2017, she received her Ph. D. in Engineering for her research in “Digital forensics of Cloud Computing.” During her study, she joined Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at the Royal Holloway University of London.



The Speakers

Dr. Fatma Taher is Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, CTI and ZU’s CEO, Happiness, Positivity and Tolerance, College of Technological Innovation Zayed University, Dubai, UAE and IEEE chair UAE section

Mrs. Natalja Kissina, is the HR VP Gulf & Pakistan at Schneider Electric

Mrs. Roxana Jaffer is CEO, Thought Leader, Motivator, Social Entrepreneur, Strategist, Change Agent

The Session

The session has been started by asking different questions about leadership and to introduce their leadership lives, how do they start to be leaders, how they got their inspiration to lead and who was their first leaders to follow.

Dr. Fatima has started when she was an engineering student and how their professors helped her in reaching her dream and how they supported and believed on her till she got her latest leadership position as the IEEE UAE Section chair.



After that, Ms. Natalja talked about the support of family in reaching high leadership positions and how they can help since the first stages of the professional life of the person.




Then, Mrs. Roxana talked about important leader’s skills needed for every leader in order to have a loyal followers and to influence them in all professional stages.



At the end of the session, Dr. Boutheina has thanked the speakers and the audience for their participation in the third session of the WSS.