More than 1000 attendees participated at the 7th edition of the Tunisian Students and Young Professionals Congress

What’s TSYP?

The TSYP is the abbreviation of “Tunisian Students and Young Professionals”. It’s the annual congress  for the IEEE student and young professionals in Tunisia. TSYP is a great opportunity to discuss present and future science and engineering challenges, immerse into the IEEE national network and exchange experience.

The congress attracts over 1000 IEEE members from different cities in Tunisia as well some other participants from neighbor countries. The congress is the unique event which brings more than 30 IEEE student branches to interact, collaborate, and increase effective networking. Furthermore, student branches compete to organize the next year congress.

This year, IEEE ENIT student branch organizes, under the patronage of IEEE Tunisia Section,  the 7th edition of the congress, from 15th December to the 17th December 2019.

The program included technical, professional, educational, and social activities. Sessions presented by highly qualified national and international speakers.

You can check out the website for further informations.

Honorable Guests

IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals SubCommittee 2019

We were honored to have IEEE R8 Young Professionals Subcommittee 2019 not only as VIP guests but also as honorable guests. They assisted a session titled “IEEE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS PANEL, BY YP R8 – YP COMMITTEE”.


IEEE R8 YP SubCommittee
IEEE R8 YP SubCommittee

Young Professionals, previously known as Graduates of Last Decade (GOLD), is the group of IEEE members that have completed their first academic degree within the last 15 years. The Young Professionals program has been established to provide the framework and tools necessary for Sections to use in their efforts of retaining recent graduates, boosting early career skills and network, provide additional membership benefit and engage young entrepreneurs with the IEEE community.

Benefits of the IEEE Young Professionals program include:

  • IEEE technology and information resources
  • Professional networking opportunities, emphasized during conferences
  • Hands-on Leadership opportunities
  • Research & career resources
  • Online seminars
  • Skill building opportunities
  • Peer connection
  • Local social and technical activities
  • Local implementation of Young Professionals programs with up to 2750$ per year of co-financing

Check also the global Young Professionals website for more information or contact them at

IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities SubCommittee


We were honored to have MR. STAMATIS DRAGOUMANOS. Our dear guest is the Chair of IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities subCommittee (PEAsC). He is a software engineer and developer with specialization in human-computer interaction in virtual and augmented environments with many years of experience and a deep knowledge on many fields. Mr. Stamatis DRAGOUMANOS is distiguished for his volunteering in the IEEE as he is an IEEE Academic global ambassador and a co-founder and administrator of IEEE Region 8 of today !

Our honorable guest assisted a session titled “IEEE REGION 8 PROFESSIONAL & EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES”.



Also, one of our guests was  MR. MOHAMED EL DALLAL. Our dear guest is an avid volunteer, participating with several NGOs, project and youth initiatives both inside and outside of Egypt since 2009. Furthermore, He is currently a Global Shaper –an initiative from world economic forum-, Member of Egyptian junior business association (EJB), Rotarian as well as an IEEE Young Professionals Vice Chair and IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities member.

Our honorable guest assisted a session titled “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND STARTUP ECOSYSTEM”.



IEEE Region 8 Humanitarian Activities Sub-Committee member


Mrs. Fairouz Fattoum is a member in IEEE Region8 Humanitarian Activities Sub-Committee as a corresponding member and IEEE Awards as a diversity outreach committee member. She has as well volunteered for serval positions such as IEEE Tunisia Section SIGHT, IEEE PES Region8 Student Initiatives subcommittee, IEEE Smart Village ambassador and IEEE PES day ambassador.

Our honorable guest assisted a session titled “DESIGN YOUR HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES”



Feedbacks from various Student Branches

Many student branches, who participated in the TSYP 2019, shared their feedbacks in different social media. They were satisfied by the well organization and the effort of the organizer team.

IEEE Enicarthage Student Branch
IEEE Enicarthage Student Branch

The IEEE Enicarthage Student Branch shared an article on its enicarthage press website titled “TSYP An Extraordinary Congress !“.  This article described the various activities during this congress. Also it encouraged IEEE Tunisian members to not miss the opportunity to attend it.

Apart from workshops, discussion panels ,and networking activities there was something magical about this annual meeting : it is the sense of belonging


Many student branches shared their gratitude to the IEEE ENIT Student Branch on Facebook group of “TSYP Attendees”.

On behalf of IEEE ISIMA SB I wanna thank IEEE ENIT SB for making this TSYP Edition special and a special shout out for the moderator Rahma Habbessi” –IEEE ISIMA Student Branch

On behalf of IEEE_POLYTECH_Sfax student branch, we would like to thank IEEE_ENIT student branch for being such a great host and for their amazing work before and during the TSYP.”-IEEE_POLYTECH_Sfax student branch

It’s a great honor and pleasure, for IEEE ULT student branch to participate in the largest IEEE congress in Tunisia. We would like to thank the IEEE ENIT Student Branch for organizing this edition.We are truly proud of the work done by the organizing team.“-IEEE ULT student branch

On behalf IEEE ENSIT SB, Thank you IEEE ENIT SB for this amazing experience.The TSYP’s 7th edition it was a memorable event“-IEEE ENSIT student branch

Feedbacks from several attendees


MR.Ahmed BOUGATF is the TSYP 7th edition Challenges Manager and the IEEE Tunisia SAC Communication Manager. He wrote an article about his participation in this edition.

This edition’s program was both rich and entertaining, as it offered participants various workshops, conferences, speed talks, challenges and networking sessions, which mainly encourages learning, innovation, creation and competitiveness within fair play.“-MR.Ahmed BOUGATF







Best way to end the year and one of best week in 2019 thanks TSYP 19 and all enthusiasm Tunisian future engineers“-MR.Ali Alfayly, honorable guest






MR.Seif Elhajjem
MR.Seif Elhajjem

“IEEE Tunisian Students and Young Professionals TSYP Congress 2019 was a lifetime experience for me.Special thanks to my family IEEE ENIT Student Branch for the amazing organization and for the IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals Subcommittee for their trust and support. I’m really glad I took part of this magical event and see you next year Inshallah“-MR.Seif Elhajjem, honorable guest



Winners to organize the next TSYP

In every edition , student branches competited with one another to win the honor to organize the next edition of TSYP. But a new strategy started with this edition. This strategy aimed to  encourage student branches to collaborate in order to win the organization of TSYP.

This is why, for the first time, two student branches will organize the TSYP 2020. Who won this honor was : IEEE ENISo Student Branch and IEEE ENIG student branch !