Due to the worldwide health crisis, the Bootcamp had to be postponed to September 2020, from its first originally scheduled date.

Region 8 Industrial Bootcamp
was the winning idea at the University Activities Category of the Acceleration Contest 2019 of IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities sub-Committee, by the team members Mrs. Sameh Zaguia, Mrs. Rania Tebourbi and Mr. Mohamed Ali Arbaoui.

Aligned with the MGA goals, this Bootcamp was destined to increase membership, improve relationships with and between members, enhance collaboration with other organizational units, and make future engineers more involved in the business world.

Change of plans for the first event for the 2020-2021 mandate

Due to the worldwide health crisis, the Bootcamp had to be postponed to September 2020, from its first originally scheduled date. Now, with the new IEEE IAS INSAT SBC’s executive committee, the event took place in the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology – Orange Digital Center on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of September 2020. The general theme of this 3-day Bootcamp was Safety 4.0: Updating safety for industry 4.0 including arc flash hazards/electrical safety, chemical/biological accidents, and cybersecurity.

With a series of workshops covering soft and technical skills, but also a well-equipped coworking space, the participants were working in teams in order to build their projects from scratch with the assistance of professional and highly-qualified trainers. In the end, all projects would be presented during a pitching session, with one team being the winner of 500 TND financial aid to help them implement their project.

Monitoring and technical skills’ workshops

With the focus based on the appropriate soft and technical skills development, the 2 days were dedicated in related workshops.

Artificial Intelligence workshop powered by Data Co-Lab. With AI being a hot topic, the trainers Mrs. Emna Aidoudi, Mr. Achref Fares, and Mr. Omar Hajouji introduced participants to Artificial Intelligence and the concepts of Machine Learning. As an addition to that, they also gave them a demonstration of AI usage in cybersecurity through practical examples.

IoT and Embedded Systems workshop, presented by Mr. Mustapha Hamdi. Having an introduction to the fundamentals of the IoT and made acquainted with STM 32 (a family of microcontroller integrated circuits), everyone could better adapt these technologies to their project.

Project Management, Scrum, Risk and Change Management workshop, by Mr. Ahmed Ben Hamouda. Learning the difference between Waterfall Project Management and Agile, participants were able to choose the convenient model for their project’s needs, which furthermore assisted all participants with building their projects on steady bases by introducing them to the components of a Business Case. Moreover, they were also initiated into Scrum Framework as well as change and risk management techniques.

Mentored by Mr. Wissem Hamzaoui, everyone worked on their soft skills to nail their presentations, while they managed to master SMART techniques to use while pitching. Learning how to combine and use attitude, competence, and knowledge while presenting gave the teams all needed supplied  to impress the judges and convince the audience.

A day dedicated to pitching

The Region 8 Industrial Bootcamp final day was dedicated to the pitching session, where all teams presented their ideas. Started with a word from the Bootcamp’s contact manager and moderator, Mrs. Mouna Khiari, to welcome the jury members, the participants, former and current IAS INSAT SBC ExCom members, Bootcamp partners and guests, and the event’s organizing committee, was the necessary ice-break moment, to drive-away the stress for the presentation moment. The IAS INSAT SBC Chairwoman Mrs. Mariam Beji and the Bootcamp Project Manager Mrs. Mariem Brahem addressed the attendees with a welcoming speech followed by the intervention of Mrs. Sameh Zaguia former IEEE IAS INSAT SBC chairwoman, Mrs. Hiba Mezni IEEE INSAT SB’s chairwoman, and Mrs. Afra Gaaden IEEE INSAT Project Axis Project Manager. This special day was honored also with representatives of other IEEE organizational units, as IEEE ENISO Student Branch Chairman and IEEE ENIT Student Branch Chairman and Project Manager.

The 5 participating teams presented and answered questions about their projects in front of the jury, consisting of Mr. Akrem Saadaoui, Mr. Ahmed Ben Hamouda, Mr. Ahmed Chabchoub, and Mr. Moez Zouaoui. Team H with their project CTV Mask was the winner of this 3-day Bootcamp.