IEEE UAE Student Day is as annual event organized by IEEE UAE Section for all engineering students in the country.

The main objectives of this day are to enhance the culture of competition among engineering students in the different universities among UAE, to recognize outstanding achievements of IEEE student members, to exchange experience between UAE IEEE students, to enhance leadership qualities of IEEE students, and to introduce the IEEE to the public.

University of Dubai organized the 13th IEEE UAE STUDENT DAY 2018 on the 28th April, 2018 in attendance of all universities in UAE to participate in the competitions. 114 innovative projects have been presented in the student day.

Categories of Competitions

Students participated in the following 6 categories of competitions:

  1. Common Design Project Competition
  2. Community Service Competition
  3. Industrial Design Project
  4. Engineering Design Project
  5. Software Engineering Project
  6. Senior Design Project

13th IEEE UAE Student Day Winners

  1. Common Design Project
    1. Opentech Tigers: United Arab Emirates University 1st Winner
    2. EV3: American University of Ras Al Khaimah 2nd Winner
    3. Spartans: Al-Ain University of Science and Technology 3rd Winner
  2. Community Service Project
    1. We Hear You: Ajman University 1st Winner
    2. SHM Smart Happiness Meter: University of Dubai 2nd Winner
    3. Smart Support: Interactive Rehabilitation Support System, Al Dar University 3rd Winner
  3. Senior Design Project
    1. Laser Technology for customizing Solar PV Dicing: University of Sharjah 1st Winner
    2. SJW Engineers: Smart Pet Food Dispenser: Higher Colleges of Technology 2nd Winner
    3. Smart Fire Monitor: Higher Colleges of Technology 3rd Winner
  4. Industrial Design Project
    1. Smart Autonomous Vehicle: Ajman University 1st Winner
    2. SJW Engineers: Smart Pet Food Dispenser: Ajman University 2nd Winner
    3. Team Kahlifa: Self-driving Car: Khalifa University 3rd Winner
  5. Engineering Design Project
    1. Super-Fly : United Arab Emirates University 1st Winner
    2. The Floating parachute : AL Dar University 2nd Winner
    3. Eagle: Al-Ain University of Science and Technology 3rd Winner
  6. Software Engineering Project
    1. PETER: University of Dubai 1st Winner
    2. SEP1: Ajman University 2nd Winner
    3. SEP 2: University of Sharjah 3rd Winner

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