IEEE Region 8 notice of such incidents

Recently, a message from Stephen Welby, the IEEE Executive director, was sent to IEEE members, in order to inform about fraudulent email scams targeting IEEE members. The email is under the title “Important Message to All IEEE Members”.

It has been noticed that in IEEE Region 8, emails have been sent appeared to be from the IEEE Region 8 Director. In case you have received such email, block the email address and delete it, as it might be a phishing attack.

The message from the IEEE Executive Director.

Fellow IEEE members:

I am writing today to update you about a recent increase in fraudulent email scams targeting IEEE members.

These fraudulent email messages have used spoofed addresses to pose as someone known to the recipient. Fraudulent messages often contain personal details about IEEE members drawn from non-IEEE online sources and from social media sites accessible by search engines. These emails attempt to commit financial fraud by exploiting the professionalism and camaraderie among IEEE members. These fraudulent messages often include a request for urgent assistance and will ask the recipient to transfer funds or goods to a third party. I encourage all IEEE members to remain alert to the risk of fraudulent emails and to maintain continued vigilance online.

Please feel free to contact the IEEE IT security team by replying directly to this email if you have any questions, concerns, or need help with this topic.

With best regards,

Stephen Welby
Executive Director