Few days ago, my undergraduate students who were with me got excited in my lab because to them a great thing had happened. We tested an intelligent Sweeping Robot. The device has three functions, tracking, obstacle avoidance and automatic sweeping. We were able to use infrared tracking sensors to control the machine. Thereafter, I decided to engage my students and encourage them to join the newly established IEEE student branch chapter.

Below is the conversation between me and a student on the Importance of Joining IEEE.

Me: Have you heard of the new IEEE Student branch?

Student: Yes Sir, but I am not interested in joining

Me: Why?

Student: Anything you pay for is not genuine, I want to earn it like you did and become a good teacher also.

Me: Joining IEEE is not ultimate but will guide you to becoming ultimate in your career. Moreover, anything that is free has no good value. I joined IEEE as a student in 1997 and it was a great experience for me and has helped model my teaching and career. It is worthy of note that the cost of IEEE membership compared to most professional associations is significantly lower, as much as 30%, compared to other well-known organizations. When you really think about it, IEEE membership dues are quite reasonable when you consider the quantity and quality of benefits offered to members. Also, IEEE membership often pays for itself. The discounts members receive on IEEE products or attending a conference makes membership a good return-on-investment.

Student: I can get my document from search engine like Google and Baidu.

Me: There’s a lot of information to be found on Google, but IEEE publications are not available for free on Google and Baidu. Moreover, the quality of technical information found via Google is random and doesn’t adhere to any consistent standards of technical excellence. Did you know that 60,000 patents cite IEEE information? –These patents cite IEEE, not Google. IEEE membership is much more than access to information. It’s about networking, professional development and soft skill acquisition. Membership is about meeting new colleagues and coming into contact with really great people—individuals who join IEEE form friendships that last a lifetime. You wouldn’t meet these people on Google. You need to read more benefits from my article  here

Student: I don’t need the products because I have access to IEEE from my school

Me: Yes, organizations worldwide rely upon IEEE information to be technically current and competitive—it speaks to IEEE’s quality. It makes you a proud member of the largest organisation in the world and keep you connected to jobs and research collaboration. IEEE membership is more than access to information. IEEE membership is about you being competitive and again taking personal responsibility for your career. IEEE’s benefits include venues and tools for members to network, build valuable professional connections, and hone leadership skills. These are essential for managing your career. IEEE membership is more than what you receive—it’s also about what you’re giving back. When you belong to IEEE, you are also supporting a much larger mission—your membership enables initiatives such as public information and policy efforts, affordable student membership for example your own student membership has been subsidized and more subsidized as you are required to only pay half year rate.

Student: Hope I will have time to read all the articles when I join?

Me: You cannot be successful in life or in your career if you are not a merchant of knowledge. Consistency of seeking knowledge will make you a better Engineer, a better researcher and a well-informed student.

Student: Thank you. I will join today

Me: You are welcome


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