Smart Village’s global community will be sharing the lessons that it has learned through the 10 year initiative. It will also figure out new solutions to overcome challenges faced.

What is PowerAfrica Conference?

The IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica Conference is a premier conference that provides an avenue to present and address the latest research findings, innovations and emerging technologies alongside their relevant applications. These are in the fields of power and energy systems integration, business models, technical advances, policies and regulatory systems across the African continent. 

Who are the Delegates?

Firstly, PowerAfrica delegates include research scientists, engineers, practitioners, project managers, investors and financiers from the power and energy sector. Secondly, PowerAfrica 2020 will feature keynote addresses, invited presentations and collaborative discussions by leaders in their respective fields. 

When does PowerAfrica Take Place?

The 7th IEEE PowerAfrica Conference (PAC 2020) is being convened from 25 August to 28 August 2020, VIRTUALLY. The theme is “Sustainable and Smart Technology Revolutions for Powering Africa,”. It is co-hosted by the IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES), Industrial Applications Society (IAS) and the IEEE Kenya Section. In Nairobi, Kenya, the edition will take place on-site in 2021.


  1. PAC2020 provides a forum to address the transition of energy in Africa by means of expert content, business-oriented knowledge, networking and strategic collaborations with industry participants from manufacturing, academia, telecommunications companies, technology firms, electrical utilities and the entire power industry.
  2. To provide participants with practical, solution-oriented information. Additionally, these will include case studies and learning, through a wide variety of technical programmes. Above all, there will be exhibits, tutorials/workshops, seminars and oral presentations.
  3. Lastly, the technical program is intended to develop action plans and follow up activities as well as reinforce academic relationships.

Anticipated Outcome

  1. Afterwards, a summarized evaluation to capture best practices and learned lessons from the consultations and networking meetings will be produced. Regional and local organizations will have access to these evaluations. Ultimately, the stakeholders will discuss and address the key issues raised.  
  2. Give key policymakers an opportunity to develop new partnerships and foster relations between local bodies. In the end, there will be a resolution of the discussed issues.
  3. Most importantly, deliberations should lead to energy protection and sustainable development. This will ensure there are actionable recommendations and follow-up steps for key players and stakeholders across the region. 


Registrations are open for interested parties. The following link leads you to the conference registration portal.

Moreover, you can expect participation from various IEEE Societies and initiatives such as IEEE Entrepreneurship, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee, IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Women in Engineering, IEEE Smart Grid, IEEE PES Women in Power, IEEE Africa Council,  and many others.

Smart Village’s global community will be sharing the lessons that it has learned through the 10 year initiative. It will also figure out new solutions to overcome challenges faced. Besides that, registrants will network with their like minded Energy Entrepreneurs. Find out what IEEE Smart Village has in store for you at its annual gathering at PowerAfrica Conference 2020.

The program contains an exciting lineup of technical paper presentations, the pHD Forum, keynotes, industry panels, tutorials, Smart Village parallel workshops and the Executive Forum. In addition, take a look at our Program at a Glance.

In conclusion, if you have any questions please check out the conference Frequently Asked Questions page.