IEEE IAS INSAT SBC shows the way on how to link the theory with real procedures within the professional world with industrial visits in Zaghouan Governorate

As the first semester of the academic year ends, and another commences, the IEEE Industry Applications Society National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (INSAT) Student Branch Chapter continues its efforts to pique its members’ interest in industrial applications and relations. This time, through one of IAS INSAT’s main events: IEEE IAS INSAT STUDY TRIP.

What was the purpose of this study trip?

The Study trip consisted of a series of industrial visits in the Zaghouan Governorate. Over the course of three days, from January the 15 th to 17 th , the 35 participants,comprised of both IEEE and Non-IEEE Members,  whose backgrounds range from chemical and biological engineering to automation and industrial maintenance, would have the opportunity to visit the most prevalent and prominent industrial sites and production plants in the region, and get a full understanding of the nature of the procedures within the professional world. With the goal of linking theory to field experience in mind, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC organized this event in the high hopes of showing its members how their acquired academic knowledge is implemented throughout various industrial operations, such as supply chain management, production processes and many more. This also provided a way for participants to relieve some of the stress from the term finals and blow off some steam.

What was the program ?

Zaghouan water temple park
Zaghouan water temple park

Upon arriving to the Zaghouan Youth club residence on the first day, a hostel known for its panoramic view over the main city of Zaghouan, as well as the forests and mountains surrounding it, getting some rest and grabbing a succulent lunch, the attendees were taken to the Zaghouan water temple park, where they were befuddled by the amazing natural scenery and the beauty the archeological site.

The program for the second day of the study trip consisted of two simultaneous visits:


A visit to Poulina Holding’s Brickyard in Djebel Ouest(BJO)
A visit to Poulina Holding’s Brickyard in Djebel Ouest(BJO)

A visit to Poulina Holding’s Brickyard in Djebel Ouest(BJO) : during which the participants were introducedto the various manufacturing technologies within the facility, such as automated production lines, by a guide who walked them through every step of the brick production process, from extracting, grinding and transforming shale into paste, to molding and cutting up the obtained paste into ready-to-use bricks. The guide also provided a detailed explanation of the electrical system used to power the Brickyard’s machinery.


A visit to OneTech’s HELIOFLEX : Where attendees were provided with a tour inside the supply chain department, where the guide explained ,in full detail, the concept and the importance of supply chains in

A visit to OneTech’s HELIOFLEX
A visit to OneTech’s HELIOFLEX

strategic decision-making and the optimisation of financial resources, time and space. The participants also got the  hance to look into some of the company’s new ventures, such as the  ylindrical storage room and “white room” projects. The visitors  ere then led into the quality control and production  department where they were able to witness the packaging process up close, as well as conformance assessment procedures such as checking for color codes and controlling printed pattern quality. The day was then concluded by a visit  to the traditional part of Zaghouan city, where the visitors gave into the overwhelming desire to venture into town and revel in its antique beauty.

The event was concluded with a visit to Teriak Pharmaceutical compound on the third and final day, where  articipants sat through a presentation of the company, its scope and achievements before being walked through the multiple departments of the industrial compound by the guides, who were keen to answering every  uestion and explaining the different functions and procedures of each department in the highest degree of clarity and accuracy.

 a visit to Teriak Pharmaceutical compound
a visit to Teriak Pharmaceutical compound

The visit started with a tour inside with the research and  development laboratories, where the attendees were introduced to the different stages of the fabrication, testing and approval of a new medicinal drug, the guides proceeded to the production and packaging department shortly after and explained every step of the production line, as well as the different mechanisms and machinery involved. Following the tour, the participants were urged to report to the compound’s canteen, where they were to grab lunch before exiting the facility.

How it affected on team members?

The ‘IEEE IAS INSAT SBC Study Trip’ was not only an opportunity to get in touch with the professional world and gain some in-field experience for the participants, who were more than eager to learn and understand how their theoretical knowledge fits in the different practical contexts, but a chance for IAS members to demonstrate their leadership skills, resilience and resolve by organizing the very first edition of this event in a very short period of time.

Looking back on the event, “it was a nuclear take” for Harun Abbessi, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC study trip
media manager, ”yet we were evenly radioactive; the study trip finally got a first edition, and we proudly
lived up to all expectations”.

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” Says Nassim Ben khaled, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC study trip Project manager, “Being the Study Trip Project manager was one of the hardest experiences in my life, by believing in what colin Powel once said that A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work , I managed to take risks, face them and make the right decisions at the right time. And now I can say with a lot of pride, and thanks to an incredibly hard working team; the first edition of the study trip was fruitful, outstanding and more than successful.

The first edition of study trip “was an awesome experience” for Koussay Makhlouf, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC study trip sponsoring co-manager Along with getting to work with an exceptional team I was thrilled to be part of such a memorable event”.

One thing the study trip has taught Mariam Brahem, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC study trip sponsoring co-manager is to take chances and to take hold of every opportunity. She also states that her study trip experience has helped her “discover my hidden abilities and boost my self-esteem. I am so grateful for the talented people I’ve worked with. Together, with every single member of the team, we made it to the top, the journey was really amazing and I cannot wait for the next edition.”.

Making this edition successful was a challenge for all the team members. Being the partnership manager was very interesting for me but sometimes hard. And this helped me learn how to manage critical situations and overcome problems. The study trip was a wonderful experience. I’m really thankful to be part of this team” states Mohamed Firas Ouesleti, IEEE IAS INSAT SBC study trip Partnership manager.

Sameh Zaguia, Acting IEEE IAS INSAT Chairwoman, acknowledges that the Study Trip has been a challenge to make, but states that thanks to the dedicated IAS members who fully organized the event, the work was done very well in such a short period of time. “I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with such hard-working and special people, and that is why I encourage all other members to take part of our upcoming activities” she adds.

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