Georgios Kakouliadis, a student of the “Department of Information  & Communication Systems Engineering” in the University of the Aegean – Samos (Greece), and an IEEE Student Member for the last 2 years, of the IEEE Aegean University Student Branch, has been accepted at the Apple’s iOS developer academy in Napoli – Italy.

The Apple Developer Academy is a partnership  between the University of Napoli Federico II  and Apple. As described, training at the Academy is aimed at developing apps for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem. The program focuses on software development, startup creation and app design with an emphasis on creativity and collaboration to empower and equip students to develop the skills needed to succeed. The Academy aims to attract students from a wide range of backgrounds with the training designed to support not only those with coding or computer science experience but young people interested in areas such as design and business.

According to  Apple’s coding academy in Italy is harder to get into than Harvard. However, the Greek student from Ksanthi – Greece, succeeded to answer successfully the demanding tests, and get

selected in the final 342, between thousands of applicants. Georgios, will be at the academy for one full academic year until the end of June 2019. Definitely, an interesting academic year is waiting for him.

IEEE Region 8 Today, talked with Georgios, and we are sharing you the conversation we had.


What made you decide to apply for Apple Academy?

My love and my passion for the ideals that the company represented have been started at 2010 when I bought my first ipad. As an extreme man of art and creativity, I started creating content on apple devices. Excited by the simplicity and impressive design I tried to learn swift and iOS Development. This is the main reason that made me to apply to Apple Developer Academy

It seems that the tests are quite demanding to get through. However, you succeeded! Did you had any specific training before applying?

My life changed dramatically , when I discovered Swifters which is the first and only Student community about Apple technologies in Greece. Immediately I became a member. The training for me it was the actions and events which made with my team in the time.

How difficult was for you to make it happen?

My familiarity with Apple Technologies, my knowledges from University of the Aegean and my experience with IQ tests as a member of the International High IQ Society helped me during the test. However, the skills are never enough and always have such a complex test can not be considered easy. It was difficult, but I did it and I am very happy about it.

You are an IEEE Student member. How did this helped you to be prepared? Which are the benefits you had until now by being a member of teams such as an IEEE Student Branch?

The IEEE was the first team I met at the University helping me to meet Swifters. Our IEEE Student branch(AegeanUnivOf) is quite active and it was very important for me. Culmination as an IEEE member it was my exhaustive participation in IEEE XTREME where we spent 24 hours writing code. In the first hours we were in the top 300 teams in the competition. This helped me to improve my coding skills.

Are you excited of what is coming?

I look forward to the academy launching. However, this is not the only thing that I am doing during this time. We are preparing new actions with the Swifters team and participate in a project with smartclothes that they receive your biometric data. All of this will create to me feelings of joy. Before I sleep I feel that the hours of the day are not enough and when I wake up I enjoy the new challenges. I’m excited.

What would you say to our readers to inspire them and do what you do?

They have to find what they love to do in their lives, because if you love what you do, you will be great. They also need to remember that the way to success is not just one and many times will need pivots. Finally, do not be afraid to abandon something good for something better. Often fear does not allow us to look higher and keep us back. Much courage, more love and everything will go well!