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IEEE Turkey Section has an active Computer Society Chapter, and is conducting many studies. Moreover, the IEEE Turkey CS Chapter has a lot of student volunteers that are currently working in different projects, events and organizations. The Computer Society Student volunteers recently came together to plan new events, organizations, educations and competitions for 2019.

IEEE Turkey Computer Society Camp

After a long process of preperations and many days of hard work, finally the first Computer Society Camp was held in Istanbul Kultur University. The Camp lasted for two days with a participation of more than 18 Computer Society teams from all over Turkey.

What exactly happened during these two days?

The first day was more like a meet and greet. The CS Student branch chairs had a chance to meet with other student chairs and discuss everything about Computer Society and IEEE.

The organization team did also a short presentation about IEEE 101 and CS 101 in case there were still any questions in anyones mind. In this way, all participants received the necessary informations about the remaining activities.

IEEE madC and IEEEXtreme couldn’t be missed from the discussion, as the Turkey Student Branches are very interested in these two competitions. Now, the CS Teams will get better prepared for these two big competitions in their local cities.

The second day started with workshops! How to improve someones analytical thinking, especially when they have two huge contests ahead them? Of course by putting extra effort into solving algorithm problems.
The organization team prepared algorithm cases and problems beforehand to discuss and solve them. A great brain workout for the CS Team!


CSCON is the biggest event organized by IEEE Turkey Computer Society. It lasts 3 days and includes dozens of trainings and sittings about different topics such as deep learning, mobile applications, web and more.

IEEE Turkey Computer Society Congress CSCON 2019 will take place in March and at Hacettepe University, Ankara.

The Computer Society Team also talked about new ideas to make CSCON 2019 even better than ever.

Just to sum up everything,
The main purpose of this gathering was to discuss the general state of CS Turkey and it branches. In addition to that, plans for the upcoming semester were made and ways to improve the student branches were researched.