Khoubeyb Layouni


A two-days workshop entitled «SEF UP» sharing the goal to Encourage Tunisian women build their own business, held by IEEE WIE ISSAT SOUSSE in collaboration with JCI KSOUR ESSEF.

In Ksour Essef (a town in Tunisia)  women are mainly at home, instead of being active in the community. However, their skills in handcrafting and other traditional things are very developed, but the final products are being kept for personal usage instead of being sold. Despite the fact that women in Ksour Essef have many skills, they don’t try to further develop them or take the risk to create their own company in order to earn an income out of it, as they don’t find good support.

Most Women in Tunisia, Don’t have a big idea about technology and its benefits, The are not active in the community, They don’t take the risk to create a company. The event started by highlighting these problems that women face when starting their careers and what are the solutions to get pass them.

For the sake of doing so, IEEE WIE ISSAT SOUSSE invited well-known public figures such as the representative of the “Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts” and also businessmen and investors such Mr NOEMEN ABOUHAMED to explain all kinds of problems women are facing while creating their own startups and how to help them.

During the second day of this workshop, successful women and youth were present to share their experiences. Women who started from Zero and now they are still growing and making an example for other women, encouraging them to follow their steps and most importantly to believe in themselves. Ms Walaa Guesmi the CEO of WeCode Land was among them, and she shared her experience on how she started with WeCode Land.

IEEE WIE ISSAT SOUSSE concluded the event by the word of their co-chair Khoubeyb Layouni, who presented the Affinity Group and also spoke based on his own experience as an IEEE WIE member about how important it is as men to support women and encourage diversity in all fields.

Internet isn’t just for watching videos or chatting. This is why in the end, Mr. Mahmoud Minyawi   animated a workshop about Digital marketing to teach our participations the importance of using technology and social media for marketing.