Have you heard mentorship?

Sometimes people need advice and new perspective when developing their professional career. In such a case you can find the mentor or mentee about your specific interest and work topics.

Mentorship can be defined as the relationship of learning and development between mentor and mentee. Let’s look about what qualifications mentor and mentee should have.

Mentor firstly should be directive and good listener. And Mentee should be curious, willing, and investigative.

I would like to mention on this article about the Mentoring program organized by IEEE Turkey Young Professionals Affinity Group (AG).

First, What is Young Professionals AG?

IEEE Young Professionals is the group of IEEE members and volunteers who have graduated from their first professional degree within the past 15 years. It is an international community, whose members are interested in elevating their professional image, expanding their global network, connecting with peers locally and giving back to their community. Since it encompasses all members from recent university graduates to experienced professionals and entrepreneurs, the group is highly diverse in what it has to offer. For more information you can visit yp.ieee.org

IEEE YP Turkey Mentorship Program

Young Professionals Turkey Team started the mentorship program this year. The program offers many opportunities for young professional and student volunteers, such as, learning, working together, sharing experience, and more.

When volunteers join the program, they start to improve their career with mentors and mentees.

How does the Mentorship Program Work?

Let’s explain how the program works in 3 steps.

  • First, the volunteers apply to the program to find a mentor or mentee. During the application, the volunteer shares some, personal information, interests, personality test, and answer a few questions about his/her career plan.
  • Secondly, YP Team analyzes all applications with a lot of filters. After analyzing, a mentorship couple is being created between one professional and a student. They must definitely have the same interest topic. It can be anything like leadership, teamwork, academic career, energy, entrepreneurship and much more.
  • And the third step; mentorship meetings. Mentor-Mentee couples organize an online meeting once a month and start learning together and develop their career. At the same time the YP Team supports them with inspiring contents.

What is the Program Statistics

During its 1st running year, the program already has about 600 applications; with more than 100 mentor-mentee couples having been created and working together now. The YP Team is working to expand the program for academicians and high school students.

You can find a mentor or mentee according to your interests on IEEE YP Turkey web site.