WIE ILS Tunisia 2018

Did you heard about the Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit first edition in Tunisia? If not, you missed a lot. I attended this leadership summit because I was curious about its rich program and the themes of the workshops were so interesting. I had high expectations concerning each part of the program.

I have never been aboard, but the WIE ILS organized in Tunisia, my country, made feel like I am in a place with no borders with the best IEEE members across the globe gathering for the same reason, and sharing the same vision.

“Gala dinner” and “Lunch network” are extraordinary opportunities to hold a long talk with other delegates, sharing experiences and exchanging ideas. These talks are so powerful. It helps to learn and to grow by listening carefully, expressing ourselves and our dreams/projects/ideas, speaking clearly about our worries and discussing solutions for it.

Taking the “city tour” for example it was a great idea to promote the beauty of Tunisia, to have unforgettable memories full of fun and laughs.

I was around strong and powerful women, women with high self-confidence and big goals in life, women with no hesitation or fears. It made me feel more confident, more productive and more determinate to reach my dreams and to be one day an inspiration for others.

I’ve spoke a lot about how “IEEE is beyond the borders of your local units” to members in my student branch, but being part of the WIE ILS Tunisia showed me the real meaning of it. “Lead beyond borders” is about being part of something great, believing in yourself, assisting and growing in every day.

By the end, my curiosity was well paid because I was amazed and so satisfied by every detail.

Thanks WIE ILS Tunisia.