The Student and Young Professional Congress (SYP Congress) this year will be held at one of the oldest European centers, located alongside the Douro River. The beautiful city of Porto, Portugal.

But, what is the Student and Young Professional Congress, and why everybody aims to participate?

The SYP congress is being held every two years. Is the biggest congress for students and young professional members, in our Region, gathering participants from most of our Region Sections. All attendees will have the chance to meet with each other, network, exchange ideas, and why not, set new common goals.

The primary goal of the SYP Congress is to enhance and foster the engineering sense and capabilities through different activities, exchanging experience and knowledge between young professionals and students from different parts of the world.

During the Congress, all attendees have the opportunity to participate at a wide variety of workshops and lectures which are being organized, covering interesting topics in diverse technical fields, but also on soft skills enhancement. More than that, the attendees have the opportunity to get closer with the industry, through keynote sessions, but also by networking with all supporting companies.

The Student and Young Professionals Congress, is a great offer for all attendees, to develop international collaborations, but also make acquaintances. Beside its technical field of interest, a SYP congress brings together different cultures, opinions, different points of view, different behaviors.

A SYP congress is also an introduction to different communities and lifestyles .

The IEEE Region 8 is scattered from Europe to Africa and the Middle East, setting a unique mix of cultures, colors, dances and music, which are being presented during the multicultural night event of the congress. A unique experience which brings even closer all attendees and makes them realize how similar our differences are.

From July 25th to July 29t stay tuned for this year’s IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress, in Porto.