The announcement made by the Piscataway Township Police Department

The Piscataway Township Police Department announced on April 7th, a valuable donation made by IEEE. What was mentioned precisely is “IEEE donated thousands of hand sanitizers to Piscataway Township. We appreciate your loyalty and generosity. These resources will be extremely useful to our first responders. We thank Stephen Welby, John Hunt and all the employees of IEEE for always being a terrific neighbor and especially thinking of us during this time; helpful friends make a great community. Stay safe.” IEEE Operations Center is based in Piscataway, New Jersey.

What else has IEEE done until now

After COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic from the World Health Organization, IEEE turned its work remotely as numerous other organizations globally. Already, IEEE is in the fight of COVID-19 with articles and standards at no-cost, providing more than 400 related articles through its digital library IEEE Xplore. In total IEEE Xplore includes more than 5 million documents.

IEEE focus its interest at COVID-19

Additionally, IEEE is focusing its interest in all of its areas of activities in the fight of COVID-19, but also in the support of local communities, though educational activities to humanitarian projects funding. By sharing tips on elearning for pre-university students or by providing elearning resources as schools close and teachers are searching for options to transition their curriculums to home learning, through its Educational Activities. But also, by joining forces to two of its humanitarian projects against COVID-19.

Through direct material donations as the one in Piscataway Township Police Department, and furthermore to offer at no-cost its services and publications in research, IEEE is contributing to the community in different levels against COVID-19.