The number of sections having earned their badge is now increased to 5

It has been less than a month, since the first IEEE Discover Badge was earned in IEEE Region 8, by the IEEE UK and Ireland Section. Already 5 sections have earned their badge by that time, with Greece, Morocco and Spain sections following the example of the UK and Ireland section, while Nigeria section has just earned its first badge.

Having been launched almost 5 weeks ago, IEEE Discover Badge challenge has already gained the interest of more than 1.000 participants with 200 of them to have earned their first badge.

Through a fun and interactive process, the participants of the challenge must follow a number of steps until they complete the challenge and get their badge. During this process, interesting information is being shared among all participants. All interaction is happening in the platform of IEEE Collabratec, giving the opportunities to all participants to discover and understand all available resources of the platform.

IEEE Discover Badge, the first in a series of online, interactive journeys recognizing discovery and participation in the organization. The three-part badge series is a first of its kind initiative that introduces individuals to the support and resources available from IEEE, while also offering recognition to those who contribute their thoughts and ideas around topics important to them and the STEM professions.

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