The results of the 2019-2020 IEEE Region 8 Officers, Secretary, Treasure and 2019 Vice-Chair Member Activities, Vice-Chair Student Activities, Vice-Chair Technical Activities, were announced on the 20th of October 2018 during the 1st day of the IEEE Region 8 meeting happening in Belgrade, Serbia. After a 5 minute presentation from each candidate, an executive session was held where the Section Representatives and the opCom members voted their preference in a secret ballot voting.

The elected 2019-2020 IEEE Region 8 Secretary and Treasurer are the following:
Secretary: Ana Maria Madureira (Portugal Section)
Treasurer: Adam Jastzebski (UK and Ireland Section)

The elected 2019 IEEE Region 8 Vice-Chairs are the following:
Vice-Chair Member Activities: Adeel Sultan (UAE Section)
Vice-Chair Student Activities: Maciej Borowka (Poland Section)
Vice-Chair Technical Activities: Sohaib Qamar Sheikh (UK and Ireland Section)

These are the first comments that each of the officers gave to IEEE Region 8 Today!


Ana Maria Madureira:  “I am very honored to be selected as the Secretary for 2019-2020! I will work hard to contribute and increase the value for all members and its communities, within the mission of IEEE Region 8. I look forward to start working with all members of the new OpCom.”


Adam Jastzebski: “I am truly honoured by the trust Region 8 Committee have instilled in me by appointing me the Treasurer for 2019-20. I realise it is a very demanding and difficult job, even more so in view of the financial report presented by the outgoing Treasurer, Ralph Kennel. However, I believe that we have a great new team and together we will be able to successfully address all the challenges.”

Vice-Chair Member Activities

Adeel Sultan: “I am very excited to have been elected for the position of Region8 VC-MA and would like to thank everyone for their support and for the trust they have bestowed upon me. Members are the heart and soul of Ieee and their satisfaction and engagement is imperative. Im sure that with our newer strategies, close collaboration and concerted team-effort, we will have more future successes and enhanced growth for our region and for ieee as a whole.”

Vice-Chair Student Activities

Maciej Borowka: “I’m very excited and happy! I truly believe that students are the strategic asset for the future of every Section. It is a great pleasure and also a great responsibility, and I look forward start working on that!”

Vice-Chair Technical Activities

Sohaib Qamar Sheikh: “Conferences, chapters, educational activities, standards and Industry are some of the major value propositions offered by IEEE. I’m delighted to be elected as the Region 8 Vice Chair of Technical Activities and look forward to working with my team in these areas to provide further value to our Sections and members.”