A lot of questions are born talking about technology and its adaptation to our live, especially when it comes to 5G and IoT. What smart impact will future 5G and IoT bring to our lives? Many may wonder, and even speculate, but do we really know? With more and more bandwidth readily available for the next generation of wireless applications, many more smart applications/services unimaginable today may be possible.

Liu Ray

In a try to answer a variety of such questions and make it easier for someone to understand the available possibilities, IEEE Iran Section organize a webinar on September 3rd with the topic of Wireless AI: A New Sixth Sense to Deciphering our World, with the invited IEEE Fellow Dr. K. J. Ray Liu as the speaker, who is also a candidate of IEEE President-Elect.

During this webinar, someone will see that with more bandwidth, one can see many multi-paths, which can serve as hundreds of virtual antennas that can be leveraged as new degrees of freedom for smart life. Together with the fundamental physical principle of time reversal to focus energy to some specific positions and the use of machine learning, a revolutionary wireless AI platform can be built to enable many cutting-edge IoT applications that have been envisioned for a long time, but have never been achieved.

But those to participate will also see the world’s first ever centimeter-accuracy wireless indoor positioning systems that can offer indoor GPS-like capability to track human or any indoor objects without any infrastructure, as long as WiFi/LTE/5G is available. Such a technology forms the core of a wireless AI platform that can be applied to device-free non-obtrusive home/office monitoring/security, radio human biometrics, vital signs detection, sleep monitoring, and fall detection.

In essence, in the future of wireless world, communication, as we see it, will be just a small component of what’s possible. There are many more magic-like smart applications that can be made possible by the emerging field of wireless AI, allowing us to decipher our surrounding world with a new “sixth sense”.

Having an holistic approach of the possible applications 5G and Iot can bring to our lives to make it better, the participants will also have the chance to watch some demo videos illustrating the future of smart radios for smart life.

To register to the webinar visit: https://bit.ly/WebinarIEEEIran