A two-days hackathon on “Ethical dilemmas in AI” is organized by the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE) inviting members and experts to voice their opinion and influence the development of responsible AI. The event will be held online on 03 and 04 September 2020 between 9am and 12pm CEST.

An invitation only event, targeting the engineers working with AI and its application or working in academia and research with competence on AI and its applications, but also students in engineering, IT and natural sciences with a focus on AI and its applications.

The registration is free of cost and there are only 25 slots available for IEEE members.

Interested to know what is covered in the hackathon?

The hackathon will explore the gaps between existing guidelines and recommendations for addressing ethical issues with respect to AI  technologies and the realities experienced by engineers in practice.

The event will address the following questions :

– What kinds of ethical challenges engineers encounter in practice as they work with AI technologies?

– How are these ethical challenges understood and addressed?

– How do we ensure that society can derive maximum benefit from AI technologies while limiting the potential for negative consequences?

Expected outcome

After the completion of this two-day hackathon, the participants will have an updated knowledge on the following four topics.

– Producing actionable best practices and recommendations that engineers can find useful in their work practice.

– Forming the basis for advocacy to ensure that ethical issues are appropriately taken into account in the development of AI technologies in the future.

– Developing a foundation for turning existing guidelines into concrete practices.

– Enabling organizations and institutions in the Nordic Region and the EU to integrate ethics and accountability into practical tools and educational modules developed based on the report that the hackathon will produce.

Before the participation

For participation in the event, some hours of preparation will be required. All participants will receive supporting materials: a framing paper and a series of work-sheets to guide the preparation work.

Moreover, the participants will be asked to submit their work with supporting materials 4-5 days prior to the event. This homework will serve as a guiding background during the event. Even though the participation in both days of the hackathon is not obligatory, but strongly encouraged.

Interested to participate?

To register your participation send an e-mail to lvr@ida.dk stating your name, e-mail and organization until 17/8-2020.

For any questions, please email Tania Sanchez-Juarez <t.sanchez@ieee.org>