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Quantum Computing
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Q&A: Quantum Computing’s Researcher Shortage 

Expert William Hurley says the problem could be solved by opening up the field to software developers The race is on to build quantum computers and associated technologies. But U.S. businesses and universities are growing concerned there aren’t enoughqualified engineers and researchers to meet demand, according to…


How Blockchain Technology Could Combat the Global Counterfeit Drug Market Wins Apex Award 

The award recognizes writing excellence in health and medical writing category Pain-reduction pills, cancer-fighting drugs, and epilepsy medication were among the 25 million counterfeit medicines worth US $51 million seized in the worldwide Operation Pangea X conducted in September by Interpol, the international police agency said. More than 3,580 websites selling…


Meet Volunteers Aboard the IEEE MOVE Truck 

They provide the vehicle’s mobile services of emergency power, Internet access, and cellphone chargers to natural disaster victims and aid workers Since the MOVE Community Outreach project launched in 2016, IEEE volunteers have spent weeks at a time helping out during nine natural disasters in the United…